In an audit engagement, we test and evaluate evidence to enable us to express an opinion as to the fairness of a client’s financial statements.  An audit by Mahle, Wack, Zaidain & Co., PLL provides superior value to a client because we:

  • Apply a combination of analysis and testing coupled with specialized audit techniques and computer applications.
  • Familiarize our staff with the client’s accounting systems before the audit begins.  This expedites our work and minimizes disruptions of client activities while we conduct the audit.
  • Complete as much analysis and testing as possible before the client’s fiscal year, to accomodate a smooth rollover into the new fiscal year.
  • Continuously look for ways to improve the client’s internal controls and operating efficiencies in all areas of the business.  Our recommendations can help improve the bottom line.
  • Thoroughly review the financial statements, auditor’s opinion and work for each engagement.  We’ll also review financial statements with management prior to issuing the final report.